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Sensible Solar are your Partners in Domestic and Commercial Solar Power Installations across Southern Africa.

Going solar is not a simple decision. With a vastly differing range of products and an even wider variety of service providers, there could be more grey areas than the sky on a cloudy day.

At Sensible we strive to provide an efficient and sustainable system for the property owner.


A solution that automatically switches between Eskom and Battery & Solar as needed.

Solar Panels

Saves you money on electricity
Perfect for your home or business


Complete freedom from Eskom! You control your energy future.

Solar Panels

Zero reliance on Eskom
Worth it


A solar solution that lets you generate, but not store your own power (no battery included)

Solar Panels

Cheapest option
Uses solar to reduce your electricity bill

You can escape loadshedding, reduce your electricity bill and make the earth cooler. Be Sensible. Go Solar.

With the right solar power system even cloudy days can still generate sufficient power. So we can assist you in connecting a system that will provide a return on investment together with  reliable power supply from a sustainable source.

Ray Installs

Our Trusted Brands

Sensible Reasons to Go Solar




Chat to our friendly, experienced team about your energy needs and we can certainly assist to find a Solar Energy Solution Solution that fits your need for sustainable electricity. We have teams in Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and Western-Cape regions.

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