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Low Voltage DC Electrical Technician

Location: Ballito, KZN

Salary: Negotiable based on qualifications and experience



  1. Driver’s license and ability to drive a vehicle with a small trailer and one or more additional people in the vehicle.
  2. Good communicator who has a strong work ethic and a desire to service customers efficiently.
  3. Have practical experience in the kind of work specified below or an electrical or electronic qualification.
  4. Assist with panel building of DC-only and DC systems which include AC inverters. Experience with AC electrical is not a requirement.
  5. Assist with troubleshooting of DC electrical systems in the field.
  6. Perform installations of new DC systems including coordination with contractors eg. Civils contractors installing masts.
  7. Perform technical inspections of sites where information is required for sales team to assemble proposals.

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