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Investing in Solar

So you're thinking of the Future too.

Given the current South African energy environment of uncertain supply and increasing cost, there is growing appetite amongst residential consumers to “get off the grid”.  In layman’s terms, most consumers mean this to be less reliance on Eskom or Municipal distribution and more resilience in the event of outages. Technically, going off-grid means disconnecting from the municipal supply and – for most consumers –that is both expensive and unnecessary.

The alternative is a “hybrid” scenario where the house is still on the grid but still benefits from the backup power and energy savings generated by solar. In such scenarios, the house’s electrical system is split into “essentials” and “non-essentials” such that the essentials stay on when the power goes out and the non-essential switch off until the power returns. Electric geysers, stoves, ovens, pool pumps and the like are all examples of typical non-essentials. Where the right equipment is selected, the excess solar generated can also be shared with the non-essentials and the battery can be leveraged to derive savings by using battery power at night to minimise use of the grid. We believe it is important to acknowledge that there is a “snowball” growing and momentum in South Africa around the deployment of renewable or alternative energy sources. The feedback loop depicted below is a vicious cycle for Eskom who will lose out on electricity sales and be forced to push prices up as a result, and a virtuous cycle for residential solar users because their return on investment will shorten every time the electricity price is increased.

What most consumers desire is combination of the convenience of having their essential household equipment staying online in the event of an outage and energy savings from solar generation. We believe it is critical that consumers consider the addition of a solar energy storage system as an investment that will reap returns rather than a cost. We have found that when consumers view the systems purely as costs that they cannot justify them. However, the addition of solar and the use of high-quality components that have long warranties and longer service lives mean that the systems will pay themselves off well within their service lives.
We take great pride in our workmanship and guarantee our installations for 2-years. We play close attention to the rapidly evolving solar electrical standards in South Africa.  We are Victron Authorized Installers and we train our installers with Solar Installation Accreditation Body PQRS.

Our Trusted Brands

Our product selection is driven by our desire to install robust solutions that provide the longest service life possible.

Trusted Brands


We only use equipment with 5 to 15-year warranties with 10-years being our preferred full system warranty.


The credentials of the manufacturer and local distribution are always of highest priority to us.


We only use South African suppliers or agents that provide capable after sales support and expedited warranty claims.

Sensible Reasons to Go Solar




Chat to our friendly, experienced team about your energy needs and we can certainly assist to find a Solar Energy Solution Solution that fits your need for sustainable electricity. We have teams in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng regions.

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