We provide your solar needs to get you going with just the basics or to run your whole house off the grid! The typical residential setup will be a DC system with battery backup that can work on grid and off grid, however when the grid fails only critical loads will be supplied, whereas when the grid is working the whole house can benefit from the solar production with the grid topping up the balance that the solar cannot meet.


These systems are typically grid-tied systems for commercial and industrial properties such as schools, warehousing, factories, office blocks and shopping centres. Grid tied AC systems – Solar panels provide power during the day and supplemented by the main grid, and at night power is drawn from the main grid. An excellent candidate for grid-tie systems are those who use a substantial amount of electricity during daylight hours.
Note that this system does not include battery back-up for when the grid goes offline.


Depending on your setup this could be an off-grid system or a combination of AC (commercial) and DC (residential battery backup)