On Grid / Hybrid

In most cases, the desired solution is a solar-powered battery backup that is connected to the grid.  This gives you the best of both worlds unlimited power from the grid as and when you need it, but when it goes away, you’ve got all the important stuff backed up.  An on-grid solution allows you to use high power devices like geysers, large air conditioners and ovens while the grid is online but in the event of an outage or load shedding, your critical circuits are backed up from solar and battery power.

Off Grid

Going “off-grid” means totally disconnecting from the grid (Utility or municipal supply).  Generally speaking, this is not affordable for most people as it requires a large enough system to meet all loads even in poor weather conditions.  Off-grid solutions are appropriate in areas where connection to the utility grid is not an option or where customers simply choose to tackle the challenge of living off-grid using only renewable energy.  Off-grid solutions are built around large battery banks and over-sized solar arrays to ensure maximum power regardless of weather conditions.

Battery Back-up

We always recommend that solar forms part of every solution.  If you’ve got solar, then you’re saving money and immediately starting to offset your capital outlay.  But, there are some circumstances where a battery backup is all that is needed.  In these cases, we have solutions built around pure sine wave charger inverters with lithium batteries that carry at least a full 5-year warranty.  The systems range in size from 500VA single phase to 150kVA three phase.